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A preview opening of the San Juan Island Museum of History and Industry (MHI)

MHI-previewWednesday, March 11  5 – 8 p.m.

You are invited to a preview of the San Juan Island Museum of History and Industry (MHI). The MHI is a developing interactive educational center located in the barn on the museum grounds. The MHI will feature exhibits interpreting the past core industries of San Juan Island: Fishing, Farming, Logging and Limestone processing. The exhibits will feature multimedia presentations, interactive exhibits and items from our archives to tell the stories of these once vibrant industries.

We would like to give you a tour of the space and show you our progress to date as we near completion of the welcoming Atrium. The Atrium features an impressive three dimensional topographical map of San Juan Island which will orient visitors to historic sites as they relate to each industry.

Representatives of the MHI Steering committee will be on hand to discuss our progress and introduce the next development phases, the Logging and Lime processing exhibits set to begin this spring. We welcome the opportunity to show you the development of this new asset to our community. Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

Parking is available courtesy of St. Francis Church next door or on street.

Progress with The Museum of History and Industry

museum-meeting-22014The Museum of History and Industry is taking shape here, through the dedicated work of the Steering Committee.  Fred Yockers and Don Nixon met this month with local fishing experts and historians to review the plans for the Fishing wing of MHI.

Fred showed the model he and Don had created for the exhibits at the Museum, and discussed the design ideas.  There was a spirited discussion about fish traps, purse seining, and the Committee received valuable input about obtaining more historical photos, stories from Island fishers, and insights into the conditions and challenges facing those who made their living from the waters around San Juan Island.

Have anything to offer us as we create this exciting new project for the San Juan Historical Museum?  We need photos, old nets (not synthetic) and any artifacts you have will be considered.  Press the “email us” button at the bottom of the page here and let us know!

Preserving Our Communities

quilt-smNational Preservation Month’s “History Lives Here” will take place in May

Friday Harbor, WA. The Lopez, Orcas and San Juan Island Historical Societies are collaborating on an exciting project for History Lives Here month in May, 2014. The central theme will be quilts as carriers of community and women’s history. The museums are putting together exhibits and programs that feature historic and contemporary quilts, with an emphasis on signature quilts.

The Lopez Island Historical Museum will feature several programs and a special signature quilt exhibit from May 9 through May 17. Orcas will exhibit their quilt collection from May 9 through June 23and will host a featured speaker at the Museum on May 11. San Juan will exhibit select examples from their quilt collection from May 9 through May 18. All exhibits and programs will be open to the public.

The Western Washington Quilt Study Group has scheduled their annual meeting in San Juan County to coincide with these special exhibits. The three-day event (May 16-18) will include trips to Orcas Island and Friday Harbor to see the quilts hanging at each island’s historical museum.

In addition to the special exhibits, two collectors from the Mid-West will be sharing examples from their collections of early 19th-century antique quilts from the U.S., Great Britain and France, along with the exciting stories that accompany them. These quilts have never been exhibited on the West Coast.

Other events will include a Bed Turning at The Quilt Cabin on Lopez, a discussion of two early 20th century quilt designers by quilt historian and past-president of The Quilters Hall of Fame, Karen Alexander; and a program on quilt conservation and restoration by professional quilt restorer Anne Dawson of Lopez Island.

Island Museum of History and Industry

MHI-featureThe Island Museum of History and Industry (MHI) will be an interactive educational facility located on the grounds of the San Juan Historical Museum. It will be housed in the barn, which was rebuilt in classic Island style. MHI will focus on the core industries that built this island: Fishing – Farming – Logging – Lime. The goal of MHI is to focus many of the museum’s artifacts into a reflection of the industries and the people who were involved.

Will you be a part of this project?

We need your dollars! Our fundraising goal is $200,000. The project has already begun and with your help we will make steady progress. In addition to financial donations, we need volunteer time and contributions of material and artifacts.

We need YOU! The building of the MHI building will take about two years. Volunteers are needed at every step along the way: research, construction, fundraising, representation at community events, material gathering, volunteer coordination, and so much more. Join us! Go to the volunteer form (click here) and check MHI project as your field of interest.