Museum Staff

Kevin Loftus: Executive Director

san juan historical museum director

Kevin has been the Executive Director of the San Juan Historical Museum since 2008.  He has a B.S. in Business Administration, and a love of history and the scenic beauty of the San Juan Islands.

Kevin has been a San Juan Island resident since 2005, after first visiting the Island in 2000.  It was during his first visit to the Island that he happened to visit the Museum and met Etta Egeland (one of the original founders of the Museum) who happened to be a docent that day. He recalls the warm greeting he received from Etta during his visit along with Etta’s telling him she was 103 years old!

His daily routines at the Museum involve working with volunteers and the Board of Trustees, meeting the public, arranging for research and acquisition of new artifacts, and working on preserving the buildings and exhibits at the Museum.  In his early years at the Museum, he was surprised to see boxes of donations at the door with regularity.  Once he opened a box to discover two sets of false teeth!

Curating the exhibits and donations have come a long way since then, as Kevin has worked to continue archival and preservation standards, explore new avenues for community involvement in the collection, and coordinating field trips for museum visitors.  Kevin’s goal for the Museum is to create a place of preservation of the Island’s fabric of people, stories and places.


Board of Trustees:

      • Andy Zall,  President

      • Jenn Rigg, Vice President

      • Christine Minney, Treasurer

      • Shannon Hawkins, Secretary

      • Mary Jane Anderson

      • Mary Jo Bolte

      • Tawny Martel Galligan

      • Peter Anna Grisel

      • Keith Guard

      • Romona Jones

      • Kevin Roth

      • Craig Starr